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Francis Frionnet photographer

Francis Frionnet

photographer & owner

Let me show you that you can look gorgeous on a picture
I know how vulnerable and uncertain some women are in front of a camera. If you’ve been hiding too, I can change that. It’s my job as a photographer to make you relax, connect with you and gently guide you through poses that flatter you.
The women I photograph are not models, they are mothers, daughter, sisters, business women, housewives and grandmothers. They decided to get in front of my camera and have some beautiful portraits taken.
Monique Frionnet Styling Digital artist with Francis Frionnet photographer

Monique Frionnet

styling & digital artist

I know all women are special and beautiful…
I love how Francis uses magic to bring it forward and capture it with his camera.
I met Francis in 1991. It was then when he took a picture of me that was so special; I fell in love with it and with his capturer.
Now many years later, happily married and both passionate about our work in the studio, we are following our heart more than ever. When you see a portrait taken by Francis you can reconnect with the woman you see and be awed to her again.

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